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embroidered dress, navy tulle dress, long romantic dressLocation: Redondo Beach, CA

Summer Always Ends with Good Memories
I love walks by the beach in SoCal. The fresh breeze of salt water in the air and the calming waves were enough reasons to celebrate summer. As it ends, I made sure to squeeze in time for some vitamin sea and enjoyed the freshest seafood with family and friends.

Seafood Escape
If you are looking for live fresh seafood (check out Mylilfinds on Instagram for the video) Redondo Beach answers that! You can buy cooked seafood or buy them by the pound and have them steamed for 20-30 minutes (butter and lemon sold separately). There is a park facing the beach great for picnics and has a play area nearby. And the sunset here is not to be missed. It offers an incredible view of the horizon.
navy blue dress, embroidered dress, romantic dress, summer, redondo beach

Embroidered Fashion
Knowing that this would probably be my last visit to the beach this summer, I wore my favorite dress from StyleWe. It has birds embroidered in threads of green, copper and pink. The tulle overlay is super soft and drapes beautifully. I love the details and comfort it offers.You can see it here in different angles.

I’m totally going to miss summer and the pacific coast. But my summer has been filled with warm memories spent with family and friends so until next time!
navy blue dress, embroidered dress, romantic dress, summer


navy blue dress, embroidered dress, romantic dress, summer

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