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gray ponte dressOctober Walks
Las Vegas, Nevada

Excited that fall is finally here. Embraced the cooler weather and pretty amazed to see an array of colorful flowers – in October! While boots and coats are the trend half-way across the country, it only means perfect weather here in my city.

I simply put on the stretch gray ponte dress I bought from Banana Republic for a good walk. I’ve worn it many times at the office paired with a business casual jacket but I absolutely love it paired with my chucks turning my look into a more casual vibe.




Below are flowering plants that grow in the Las Vegas valley.

gray ponte dress

Plain Favorites
If you feel the fabric of this dress, you will clearly understand how easy it is to classify it as one of your favorites. I tend to favor plains as oppose to printed fabric because it makes it easy for me to match it with a jackets and coats or with a colorful scarf. The cut of this ponte dress nicely hugs your curves. I wish every clothes comes with the same softness and feel as this dress does. See other versions of this dress in different hues as pictured in my instagram.

Comfort Dressing
Trends will come and go. Having a versatile, fashionable and comfortable clothes are hard to find but extremely important. It is your second skin after all! It becomes your personal brand. Learn your body and compliment with pieces that will make you look and feel good. Build a closet full of great selections that are all accessible to fit your body and needs.








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