Explore Mary Jane Falls in Mount Charleston

Fall 2017
Location: Mary Jane Falls – Mount Charleston

“And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”
– Paulo Coelho
Escape the City
 A 45 minute drive north from the Las Vegas strip will take you to an escape filled with majestic pine trees and multiple trails. My friend and I took Mary Jane Falls and it entails a winding uphill hike to get to the top that has breathtaking views. There are cabins too for rent if you decide to spend the night and wander another trail. It was my first time and thought I’ll take advantage and explore the textures up there.

Below: The view from the top of Mary Jane Falls trail.

Loose and Elegant
I must say, I haven’t been good with my diet lately. So, having a fall back outfit that’s loose and elegant for the holidays is pretty important. I found an embroidered mesh top and pearl embellished blue dresses at shein.com. Not knowing how it would look at the very top, I took my chances and brought them both to change into. The wildflowers and textures at the very top of the trail was the perfect background for them! It couldn’t have been more perfect!

Parts of the waterfall was dry, so I stood in place where the water would normally flow.There Are No Ideas Too Wild and No Dreams Too Big.
Sometimes a good walk clears the mind and new ideas flourish with new goals in tow.  I’m always eager to explore new creative projects. Far too many at the same time I suppose. A leisure walk is all I need sometimes to sort ideas and new goals to reach. But isn’t it more grand to be surrounded by nature’s majestic beauty rather than busy streets? Perhaps a walk can help you too.
embroidered dress

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Strolling Along Into Fall

Location: Las Vegas, Nevadagray ponte dress A Blooming Fall Season
So excited that fall is finally here. I took a quick stroll and embraced the cooler weather. I was amazed to see an array of colorful flowers – in October here in Las Vegas! While boots and coats are the trend half-way across the country, it only means perfect weather here in my city.

I simply grabbed my gray ponte dress I bought from banana republic predicting that I would feel warm after my walk. I’ve worn it many times at the office paired with a business casual jacket but I absolutely love it paired with my chucks turning  my look into a more casual vibe.

Below are flowering plants that grows in the Las Vegas valley.

gray ponte dressgray ponte dress

Plain Favorites
If you feel the fabric of this dress, you will clearly understand how easy it is to classify it as one of your favorites. I tend to favor plains as oppose to printed fabric because it makes it easy for me to match it with a jackets and coats or with a colorful scarf. The cut of this ponte dress nicely hugs your curves. I wish every clothes comes with the same softness and feel as this dress does. See other versions of this dress in different hues as pictured in my instagram.

gray ponte dress

Comfort Dressing
Trends will come and go. Having versatile, fashionable and comfortable clothes are hard to find sometimes but extremely important. It is your second skin. It becomes your personal brand. Learn your body and compliment with pieces that will make you look and feel fabulous. Build a closet full of great selections that are all accessible to fit your body and needs.

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Styled Comfort with flats and Off Shoulder Dresses

Location: The Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada styled comfort, flats, off shoulder dress, ballet flat,

LCD screens displays different artworkSTYLED COMFORT. It isn’t always easy to coordinate the right outfit for the right moment. How do you find time to dress up for brunch with your girlfriends and still be ready for a mommy meet up for your children’s soccer playdate? When life gets busy with different priorities, comfort takes center stage and styling takes the back seat. Well, it doesn’t have to when you buy the right clothes.

Easy dressing is what I call the off-shoulder trend. It’s sexy in a flirty sweet way. But sometimes I simply want less of that. So, I wear this trend more fitting to my needs. I simply leave it on, not leaving my shoulders cold.

When I’m in need of a colorful print and a relaxed fitting outfit for a work week, I pair it with a structured blazer topped with an elegant french twist for an instant sophisticated look. And for happy hour friday, I simply let my hair down with drop earrings and slide into a stiletto.

I’ve always been drawn to multitude of colors playing together. Las Vegas is filled with beautiful art made by talented artists known worldwide. Lately, I’ve taken my hunt for art, indoors. And, with long walks finding art in the city, comfort is a necessity. That’s why I’ve fallen in love deep with the whole line of Reva/Minnie ballet flats from Tory Burch. The colors are always seasonal but they never disappoint. Each season, the brand comes up with weather inspired hues that are always difficult not to own. Find own favorite to love!
styled comfort, flats, off shoulder dress, ballet flat,

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